Site Search User. Changing FireMonkey style at runtime. Share Subscribe by email More Cancel. Last month Sarina DuPont blogged about loading custom FireMonkey styles on a mobile device at runtime " How to load custom styles at runtime ". That's a very interesting approach to compile a custom style as a resource into the mobile app. This week there was another blog post by David I about the availability of the new great looking mobile FireMonkey InfoPower grid component for registered Delphi XE5 users and also a demo app available at Google Play Store.

I have immediately installed this demo app on my Nexus 7 Android device to show it to programmers in Bratislava. A very nice option in the demo is a possibility to switch between FireMonkey styles at runtime. I just could not resist building a quick demo app that would mimic the style switching behaviour of the InfoPower demo app:- When you install RAD Studio XE5 or Delphi XE5 there are also installed custom styles that you can use in your projects. To make my life easier I have copied these premium style files to same folders as pre-installed styles.

Now I need to give a try. Instead of starting from scratch it is easier to adapt and extend an existing app that already has different types of mobile controls to see custom styling in action! The first thing to do is to add all custom styles to this project as resources. I have added all available styles to the project. The very important step here is to make sure that the "Resource Identifier" of every style matches exactly the filename of the style, because in code I'm going to refer to resources through their identifiers.

The "MobileControls" demo project contains main TabControl component with a number of tabs that showcase different types of mobile FireMonkey controls. In the form's "OnCreate" event I need to add code to populate this combo box with different styles depending on the platform for which this project will be compiled.

There are different styles for Android and different for iOS! I also need a event handler of the "OnChange" event for the combo box to load a different style from a resource.

You also need to make sure to add "FMX. Styles" unit to the "uses" clause of the form. I have ignored iOS 7 styles for time being.

There is also a small helper function "AddComboItem" that adds an item to combo box with a given text. Styles; procedure TForm1.

firemonkey styles download

Create ComboBoxStyle ; lbi. AddObject lbi ; end ; procedure TForm1. SetStyle style ; end else TStyleManager. Now we can run this project on Android and on iOS to see the styles in action! Let's start from Android. This is how my demo looks on Android. Select the style first. This is how our app looks in the iOS Simulator. Select style first!For forums, blogs and more please visit our Developer Tools Community.

You may still be able to repair the zip file contents if you download the entire zip locally. You may also want to ask the author to repost the attachment. Please try again later.

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Log On. Embarcadero Home. Share This. About Suggest a fix License Print. Give your FireMonkey applications a Windows 10 look and feel with this custom style. Download Network License Users. File Exploration is Disabled We're sorry, but errors in the uploaded zip file prevent it from being explored.

The error generated by the Zip attachment is: You may still be able to repair the zip file contents if you download the entire zip locally. Move mouse over comment to see the full text Could not retrieve comments. All rights reserved. You will be redirected to the login page if you click on the Download Link.

To download this, you must have registered [one of]:. With the Master view selected, add a TStyleBook component to your form 2. On the Master view, select Windows as the Master style from the toolbar drop-down menu and then load the Windows 10 style to the StyleBook.

When working with custom styles, each view must have a style, including the Master view. Switch to each of your created Windows views i. If your application consists of multiple forms, you can set TStyleBook. If TStyleBook.The Delphi programming directory for all the latest resources.

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What is FireMonkey. What's new. Learning FireMonkey. Forms and Controls. Component Development. Runtime packages and DLLs. Printing and Reporting. Video and sound. Controlling other programs. Building Installers.

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Third Party. Herbert Sauro describes how to apply a style to a FireMonkey application. Felix Colibri's comprehensive introduction to FireMonkey styles. Rodrigo Ruz shows how to fine tune the colouring of a FireMonkey style. Marco Cantu's video introduction to FireMonkey Styles. Roger Connell discusses a way to change the colour of a FireMonkey TEdit without creating a custom style.

Mike Sutton announces his freeware MonkeyRecolor application which can completely change the colour scheme of any FireMonkey style. Ray Konopka discusses changing the font size in a TStringGrid. Chris Rolliston discusses why you can't change the color of a FireMonkey TPanel and what to use instead. Mike Sutton introduces the component parts of a style. Mike Sutton gives 10 useful tips for working with styles. Eugene Kryukov presents an indepth webinar on FireMonkey styles.

firemonkey styles download

Vsevolod Leonov shows how to use styles to make a blinking button. Chris Rolliston shows how to more closely inspect the new platform styles that mimic the controls from Windows and OSX.

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Jeremy North thinks that the TStyleTag component was mistakenly omitted from the component palette and provides a package to add it back in. A TStyleTag allows you to store an optional value with a style definition and is used in some of the default FireMonkey styles. Eugene Kryukov describes the new bitmap styles functionality in FireMonkey 2.As much as I wish the existing questions covered it, they don't If you do, you get the whole control painted like a very large scrollbar.

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So how do you custom-theme a DB Control grid? When you disable the themes completely, it seems to still not allow the active row to be custom painted. So I think that one must have to write a custom subclass and override the Paint method, plus write a VCL style hook class, for this purpose.

It appears that one should probably mostly just customizing using the regular owner draw events OnPaintPanel, and that adding that event, if you didn't, fixes the biggest VCL Styles glitch that I see for TDBCtrlGridwhich is that it doesn't ever use the SelectedColor and just paints everything in flat gray or whatever else is the base color.

If anyone can confirm that, or tell me otherwise, it would be appreciated. Is there a bug in the Delphi list view control when using custom drawing?

Delphi Xe2 with Firemonkey:Can you have a non-client area that is painted in a style other than the default Windows nonclient paint style?GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Skip to content. This repository has been archived by the owner.

It is now read-only. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Latest commit Fetching latest commit…. RAD Studio These styles have been extracted directly from the application's files. I did not make these styles - I have simply extracted them from the RAD Studio application for my own use.

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I am unsure of the legality of using these styles in your own application and would tread with caution. You signed in with another tab or window.

Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window.Do you have a GitHub project? Now you can sync your releases automatically with SourceForge and take advantage of both platforms.

Adriano M. This lightweight and open source framework provides logging for Delphi. It is full featured, supports multiple Loggers, Appenders and Formaters, but comes in a single file "nxLogging. You can use it free for both, private and commercial applications.

firemonkey styles download

You can use file logging in various strategies plain, rolling file appender, For developers who prefer to create Reports quickly in code rather than wasting time with a hard to learn, slow to build graphical designer. Designed to have a high degree of backward code compatibility with Nevrona Rave Reports but in active development and forward looking for your new Firemonkey applications.

Hadid support Zekr resources as well as Hadid Mp4 resources.

Download the Free FireMonkey Stencils

In mobile android devices just copy resources to your SD-card, then add it to Hadid or download it. Hadid developed by Delphi community edition and use Firemonkey as a framework. After Delphi adopted FireMonkey for cross-platform programming, it became possible to scale any visual control by any zoom factor, and screen DPI is no longer an issue with it. That's the frame that makes it look like the form is displayed on a mobile device. DUnit is a framework of classes designed to support the Xtreme approach to software testing.

This branch from the principal project, is for transform his visual interface to the new Firemonkey framework, know too as FMX. Current version is only for the old VCL framework. And of course for Android and IOS too. Did you need this approach? You can support us saying you like this project and leaving a messageYou can move this component at a more convenient position on the Form.

Clicking twice on this StyleBook1 opens the Style Designer again. We can close it by clicking "Cancel" You can compile and run the program. Note that the just defined style is specific to Button2. It did not change Button1.

And if we add a Button3it still will have the standard style the tLayouttRectangle and tTexttColorAnimation types displayed in the Style Designer are real types that we can find in the Tool Palette. We could "assemble" a tButton by gluing those together as child controls of a tLayout. Here is a simplified version: However those components are "primitive components" and have no style themselves. They are used to build "styled components", like tEditstButtons etc.

This is explained in the FireMonkey Component Guide the composition of child components on any FireMonkey component is also available for any component.

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We could add a chile tButton styled component to another tButton style component! STYLE is saved in the same folder as the sources the. Note that saving the style in a file was only done to display the content of a style, and is not necessary to apply styles or to deploy the application. Button1 is not modified, and if we drop a Button3it will display the standard style. STYLE file. Those values are visible in the. FMX above. EXE will therefore contain all the information there is no need to save the.

STYLE file and of course no need to deploy this file, because the information is in the. EXE 1. So the best is to open the Style Designer and find out which style name we want to modify, and remember its associated type. Here is the "text" style, of type tTextwith the Fill. In addition, there is no searate tool which could be used to hand over the graphical construction of the whole applicaton to a design team, leaving the code to the Pascal developpers.

firemonkey styles download

This "separation of concerns" available in some other platforms is considered as a success. STYLE files.

Styling a FireMonkey Android app ♦ Delphi

STYLE file in the. EXE folder of your application. STYLE file to our.

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